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Some sugar babies are skillful if not gifted in attracting and retaining sugar daddies. Even if such a lady drops her current sugar daddy, it takes her a short period to lock another handsome and wealthy man. While doing so other chicks face the prolonged dry spell in their effort to find the right men. To be successful in sugar dating, a young girl must know how to carry out herself. You’ve got to know the right strings to pull and bag yourself a wealthy man.

That’s why I want to share out the tips for attracting and retaining prosperous dating partners. A sugar baby who cultivates the following traits will see men glued to her like never before:


1. Be indisputable hot, sexy and beautiful

A young girl who wants to perfect her ways in sugar dating must mind her physical appearance. Ladies who have beautiful faces and dress smartly find it easier to attract the opposite sex. So the way you polish your outlook matters a lot. You will receive an allowance from him. Slash apart of the money and staff your wardrobe. Make it a rule to be always neat and attractive. Dress to kill. Use some light makeup to enhance your look.

If you lack skills on how to match your outfits, then be a fan of celeb magazines to borrow more ideas. Don’t just dress; dress to knock men with your beautiful and provocative look.


2. Emphasize on your finest “assets.’

Men admire gorgeous ladies, so dress like one. Identify your best assets and choose the clothes that focus on these areas. Find out what your potential date admire most about you. If it is your curved figure or thighs, show it with your dressing, But not to the extent of being nude. Is it the youthful and face/ maintain it! If necessary, visit the gym to give out your best appearance. Does he adore you for being wild sexy? Keep it up.

However after attracting your man keep him. Don’t forget to check on your dress code and neatness. The fact is many ladies are salivating out there to grab your sugar daddy. Maintain your attractive look even after bagging your man.


3. Be grateful

Well, your sugar date will take you out to many dates; shower you with gifts and huge allowance. Occasionally he even helps you to stock your wardrobe and takes you to five-star hotels and beaches. Don’t act as if it is your right to be treated so. Show appreciation for these gifts he gives you. When he meets his end of the bargain and provides you with the allowance, show him that you are grateful. Show a smile from your heart and kiss him!


4. Stay away from his private life

It’s almost definite that your sugar daddy has a family and business he treasures. Sugar daddy dating is an arrangement which can end anytime. If you desire that your sugar arrangement prolong, stay away from his personal life. Be the listening partner to the much he decides to reveal to you. If you happen to stumble upon some of his secrets, keep them to yourself. Do not dig deeper about his wife and children. Stay off from paying surprise visits to his business or place of work. Besides, do not be tempted to upload images in the social media which can reveal your relationship. Some societies still frown upon sugar relationships. Stick to the discreet relationship. Help him to keep his name in dignity.


5. Deliver your end of the bargain

At the beginning of the sugar daddy dating, you have to establish the ground rules for your arrangement. For example defining your allowance, if there are other bills he will be expected to cater for. After fine tuning the deal, a sugar baby must deliver on her promise. Most rich men dating sugar babies expect them to accompany them on big trips and businesses. Even it is sexual favors deliver it. After all the terms of engagement is what holds s you two together.


6. Always available, even at a short notice

Handling business and family call for a tight schedule and some stresses. Consequently, your man at times can be very busy. Even if he misses a date and apologizes, understand. At times your man can call you to accompany him to meet at short notice, don’t turn him down. Always be there for him even if it calls for rescheduling your activities for the day.


7. Keep the romance fire

One of the major reasons why older men want to date young ladies is to enjoy the hot love. His marriage could be dull or stressing. So she picks on you to feel that sizzling chemistry again. So do all it takes to keep the romance fire. Don’t be afraid to suggest some new moves or tricks in your intimate life with him.

Sugar dating calls for keeping your relationship off the social media. It’s all about being flexible to please your man. To attract a sugar daddy a lady has to paint a hot and sexy outlook. Once you have attracted your man, maintain your neatness and an attractive body shape. Keep off from his personal life.


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