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Rich people have become the desire of many women. That is particularly the case for the younger women. The scramble for the rich people makes them the limited class of the society. To be a rich man’s date or girlfriend means just more than beauty and being smart in bed. Many women can have that yet haven’t been successful in the rich men dating.

Most rich men dating women look for particular qualities. So the following features will automatically disqualify you from being a millionaire’s girlfriend material.

1. Having a keen interest in his bank account

If you want to catch the attention and keep a well off man, never show a clear desire for his money. The sooner he learns that your interest is only about his wealth, the faster he will drop you for another lady. Unless all you want from him is a one night stand, in which you will have to present your price. Convince him by your actions that you are interested in his personality and not his bank account. Rich men are like any other person who wants to love and be loved back in return. It’s all about offering a genuine affection.

2. Exerting undue pressure on him

All well off men wouldn’t settle for a lady who wants to control them. And that’s the signal you will be sending if you keep on pressing for demand. For example pushing for a date or insisting on tying up the knot with him.

Most probably your rich man earned his way to prosperity through hard work and patience. So any woman who can not show tolerance is a big turn off. Instead, a millionaire’s girlfriend has to cultivate patience and high level of understanding

3. Offering nothing but your beauty

Well, it’s a fact that men desire beautiful women. But to attract and maintain commitment with a rich man calls for more than beauty. Young lady if all you are offering to millionaire dating relationship is your beautiful body, then it will work against you. Instead well to do men require in addition to beauty, intelligence, and excellent communication skills. You have to show him that behind the beautiful face you have the brains.

4. Being over dependent on him

Naturally well to do people are hard working. That’s how they have earned their riches. A woman who wants to secure a rich man has to show that she can exist on her own. Your whole world must not depend on the rich man. To have rich men dating you, you’ve got to first excel in your business or profession.

Being able to excel in a skill means you can take care of his children if elevated to that position.

5. Possessing wanting etiquettes

Any lady who exhibits the qualities of a bad girl disqualifies from dating a millionaire. Such a girl would only create scenes and throw tantrums. What gentleman would wish to go on a date with a lady who can’t put to check her drinking habit? You’ve got to show refined manners. Your walking posture, dress code, and your speech must reflect on a millionaire’s etiquette. What follows uncontrolled drinking is an embarrassing statement.

A rich man would wish to have a gorgeous lady who is classy. A woman who doesn’t know how to match her dress code to an occasion is a disgrace to her date. That also goes for a chic with poor table manners. Remember millionaires are international figures who dine in excellent hotels. Consequently, he will only choose a chic with polished table manners that are fit to eat with him in five-star hotels.

6.Being anti social

A woman who doesn’t know how to socialize well is a let down for millionaires. Why? Well, off men tend to attract many people. Among his circle of friends includes important business associates. Therefore he needs a woman with exceptional social skills; such a queen who can entertain and blend well with the millionaire’s friends.  To qualify for millionaire dating, you should always stay updated with the current events, and interact socially in intellectual conversations.

7.Pretending to be who you aren’t

Honesty rules every relationship. In wealthy women dating relationships, pretending to be who you aren’t and can’t be will automatically disqualify you from your potential date. For example pretending to match her level of riches or pretending to be so learned or knowledgeable about a field. Instead be yourself and do not camouflage on your roots and taste.


Every human being wishes to be loved. To reach out to this fine class of the society, one has to win their heart.  Establish genuine interest in the millionaire, and you will enjoy his wealth. But if you begin by showing concern for his money instead of his heart first, then you miss the mark.