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Love can strike you from any direction. So even if you find yourself in love with a crazy Equestrian girl, don’t back out. But be prepared that horse girls have their lifestyle to live.  One thing is sure, for success in equestrian dating, you must fall in love with horses also.

So to that man who has never embraced the horse world, dating an equestrian woman involves the following:


  • Develop an interest in horses

To an equestrian girl, horses are an inseparable part of her life. Being around and caring for horses complete the joy in her life. Therefore to achieve that happiness, grow interests for horses. Ask intriguing questions about her horse. Laugh around and enjoy horse rides with your girl. If you can, dig deeper into the world of horses; for example, species and training.  By so doing you will never feel out of place in her endless horse talks whenever she mentions bridles, hacks, and halter. It’s either you love an equestrian with her horse, or you detest all of them.


  • Not being jealous because the horse takes priority

Right from when she was born, before you tapped her love, the horse had found the way into her heart. So don’t compete for her love with the horse. It’s her first love. Consequently, don’t be annoyed if she requests you to join her in giving a treat to the horse while the evening meal waits for some minutes. The more you learn to be free and help to care for the horse, the close the bond will be between you two.


  • Spice up your dates with horse events

If you want a date that will linger in her mind for ever, involve horses when planning your dates. For example, you can research and get the list of upcoming horse events like shows or races. Even though it could make more sense to you meeting in an elegant hotel for a light coffee, you will earn more marks by slipping in their hobby in your date ideas. Don’t just plan your outings without considering her interests. Do that and you will occupy the second place in her heart, after her horse.


  • Prepare to attend and be her right-hand man during horse shows

By her love for horses, she looks forward to horse shows. Don’t get angry whenever your equestrian date wakes you up at dawn on that day. At the show, she doesn’t expect you just to stand there in admiration of her horse. Instead, you have to be part of the team to make that day a success to her.

For example feel free to grab some snacks for her when she is too busy with the horse. Even if she asks you to hold the horse while she takes a picture of you. Do it without growling. Does she need someone to attend to the horses while she participates in a horse related seminar? Be that person even it means standing for long hours. It’s a way of making a special bond with her.


  • Don’t complain about how much she spends on the horse

To enjoy equestrian dating, be prepared that your girl will spend massive amounts of money for horse related accessories. A horse girl would always want the finest look and the best equipment for the horse.  For instance, she wouldn’t hesitate to buy that expensive military grade field boots. Don’t talk about the vet’s monthly bill; the horse has to be perfect in health, and the hooves have to be in shape always. Plainly stated, your equestrian woman spends hugely on the horse more than she does on you or herself. Why? Because it’s an expensive hobby.


  • Don’t be afraid of the rain

To horse riders, a light shower is no barrier to having fun. If you had planned a ride to one of her cherished beach or event, you don’t have to cancel it on account of inclement weather. Don’t front excuses like lacking a good rainproof coat or I don’t want my hair to get wet. Go ahead with your out door date. Just invest in the best rain jacket.


  • Patience is a must in Equestrian dating

When you want to date an equestrian girl, you must learn to be patient. You can’t succeed without that virtue. You might plan to meet up for a date at an exact time. But dealing with horses somehow equal handling kids. An emergency can always show up. So be patient and understand whenever your equestrian date is late with a few minutes.

Equestrian dating involves blending your life with horses. To be successful in dating an equestrian woman you have to share in her love for horses.  Stay informed of the various horse related events. Intertwine your dates with these horse completions in mind. You will have the best crazy girlfriend ever.

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