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Life is short, so it’s better to plan and enjoy every passing second. What’s better than having a friend who believes in the spirit of adventure? That’s one reason to date a biker. Many women fall for biker men. Here’s why:


1. Budget conscious

To own a fancy motorcycle calls for a lot of money. Despite the price, bikers have infinity to motorbikes. They would go the extra effort of cutting down on their expenditure to make savings for that new model motorcycle on the market. That makes them be wise spenders. Hence with a biker date, you won’t have to get worried of a partner being wasteful in expenditure. All that matters to him is a cool bike.


2. Determined and focused

Ask anyone who has ever been in biker dating will tell you how dedicated bikers are. Navigating locations with a motorbike calls for keens and dedication. Hence bikers develop the spirit of determination and keenness. With that attitude, if any problem shows up in your biker dating, he won’t see quitting as the first option. He will be patient to work his way through

Since riding a motorcycle always calls for observance, bikers will bring in that trait into your dating relationship. Such a boyfriend will be the first to notice an impending danger in your dating.


3. Loves adventurous ride

If you are a fan of adventure, then you better hook up for biker dating. Instead of the usual walk to the beach or the shore, a biker will instead explore new locations riding his motorcycle. They will easily meander their ways across deserts or mountains purely for adventure reasons; provided there is a good road and a promising scene for exploration. Hence when you choose a biker date, you won’t have to worry paying for an expensive plane ticket or five-star hotels. You just prepare a delicious meal for dinner to celebrate after and adventure.


4. Not easily terrified

When driving a motorbike, you are always aware of how close to death you are. But despite that bikers still take chances with their motorcycles and brave their ways. Hence when you have a biker date, he will quickly take chances to try out new adventures, for example, Investment ideas.

To a biker, every ticking second he is alive on the road counts. Thus they learn to live to the fullest level of enjoyment every day. Hence they live with the motivation to enjoy the present and not putting off things which could otherwise be solved in the present.


5. Very flexible to handle emergencies

While riding your motorbike on the road, anything can show up. Small hitches like flat tires are expected. Hence you must always be ready on how to handle such draw backs. When you bring that spirit into biker dating, such a boyfriend will be flexible for changes. He won’t easily be angered by last minute cancellation of a date or change of venue. That is because he is adaptable to changes; it’s the lifestyle of a biker.


6. Help you put check top your weight

Biker men are loves when their ladies spread out their legs and cling to their bikes. It’s cool fun. But that won’t easily be possible with an overweight girl. Such fat ladies will compromise their comfort on the bike. When you date a biker boyfriend, he will, therefore, be conscious every minute about your body size and weight. Hence you will always maintain a slim and an attractive body. Which girl won’t be incentivized by that?


7. Won’t bag you with heavy luggage during dates

Heavy luggage tends to spoil the fun during dates. However, when you date a biker, you won’t have to worry of that. For a comfortable ride on a motorbike, there must be light luggage. Thus it means as his girlfriend you won’t have to involve an intensive packaging before a date.


8. Loves simple lifestyle

A biker is easy to impress. Provide he has a bedroll, full gas tank, his jacket and boots he is fit for a date. The simple moments in life pleases him; for instance watching the sun sets on snow capped mountains and exploring the outdoor environment. Such a man will have less complex demands.


9. Not the clingy type

When you decided to date a biker, you won’t have to worry about a clingy man who texts you ever sixty minutes to know your location. He is either busy riding or at work. Biker men find it easy to trust their women. To a woman, it gives you some level of independence within a relationship.

If you are a woman who finds pleasure in motorcycle rides, then it’s good to try out biker dating. A biker man approaches life with keenness an always open to changes. He loves the simplicity of life and believes in the present enjoyment. If that sound like your ideal boyfriend then a biker date is the one for you.

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