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Online dating has its challenges. But when you are bisexual and looking for a partner it becomes even a lot harder to find a bisexual date. You might be confused on whether to alert your partner of your condition from the start or not. Bisexual dating can be marred by confusion and uncertainties.

Being bisexual is not a sin. In fact when you accept your status and follow the following tips; you will sail through smoothly.

  • Give Priority to Dating Other Bisexual Women

You will be more comfortable dating other bisexual persons. That is because such an individual understands better the ridicules and problems of being a bisexual. Having undergone the same problems you have been through he will whole heartedly accept you into you into bisexual dating.

  • Be Open on Your Sexuality

The issue of sexuality regarding dating and relationship is weighty. Consequently, in your dating profile, it is wise to open up on your sexuality. Hence people showing interests in you as their date will do so with the full knowledge of your sexuality. Apart from indicating it on your bisexual dating profile, you can also do so during the initial interactions and message. However, don’t spit it out all over a sudden. Steer the conversation towards sexuality and tread on the issue carefully. Handle the subject with a positive tone thereby talking about your likes and boundaries.

  • Be Prepared That Some Won’t Accept Dating You 

It’s only when you are bisexual that you will experience how people react differently to you. To some, they won’t even like associating with you. Others will drop you like a bomb on the realization of you being bisexual. Still other will gossip on your bisexual dating relationship. Such individuals will try hard to discourage others from dating you. Hence it is wise to be mentally prepared for such reactions. Let it not hinder your hunt.  Don’t waste your precious time trying to justify your sexuality to such individuals so that they can accept you. You aren’t that desperate. Hunt for partners who will take you as you are

  • Communicate More Openly with Your Partner

For every type of relationship, communication becomes an important aspect. Once you have identified your partner, be open with him or her. It’s the little things like an unexpected call or messages that spice up a relationship. Just calling your friend to say how much you miss her is very important. If you have an issue bothering you, don’t hide it. It will certainly show up on your face. Talk openly about it and find the solution. That’ll make it easier for your dating partner also to open her feelings and worries to you.

  • You Don’t Have Show Anyone That You Are Bisexual

The fact is bisexual may find both men and woman equally attractive. Therefore in your search for a bisexual date, you may stumble upon individuals challenging your sexuality. To them, if you haven’t and by extension slept with both male and female partners, then you aren’t bisexual.  You don’t have to do anything to justify your sexuality. You shouldn’t let anyone interrogate you along that line. Don’t succumb to such ridiculous thoughts and pressure.


  • Don’t Treat Yourself as if You Are Suffering from a Terminal Illness

When you finally meet your potential bisexual date, be careful on how you conduct yourself before him. Well, you have to confess your status before him or her. Don’t make it a big deal; approach the issue coolly like any other conversation. In that manner, your partner will also take it lightly. But if you treat your bisexuality as a huge secret or a substantial confession, your prospectus date will assume it to be so also and take the stand as if you are terminally ill


However, if you are not bisexual but dating bisexual here are some tips;


The fact that he is bisexual doesn’t make it more likely to be unfaithful

Bisexuals find both men and women attractive. However, don’t be tempted to think that due to that sexual orientation they are more liable to cheat on you.

Share in his sexuality

If you have decided to date a bisexual, then be in the relationship fully. In fact, it is wise to share in his bisexual status whole heartedly. For example, it would mean going through both men and women magazines as a couple.

There will be talks about your date

Not everyone assumes it healthy to date bisexuals. Others severely frown upon it and will do every thing to discourage you from going through with your bisexual dating. But once you have taken your stand, be firm and supportive to your partner. Don’t allow the constant feelings and talks from outside the relationship affect your dating.

The success of bisexual dating depends on finding a partner that share in your sex status. Although it has its fair of challenges, the above tips should make it easier to broach bisexual dating.