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Everyone would wish for an emotionally secure relationship. Gay dating relationships are no exceptions. You need to feel treasured, loved and respected; especially at the onset of the relationship. However, you shouldn’t be overwhelmed by your moods such that you fail to notice the warning signs of a troubled relationship.

So what exactly about your gay partner indicates trouble ahead? The truth is the setting of each relationship differs and you can’t predict exactly the future. Nevertheless, there are sure signs to watch in your gay date. When you see most of these painted at the beginning of your gay dating relationship, be sure you have landed the wrong dude!

1. He’s Only Months Out of a 5-year Relationship

Relationships require a lot of investments both in terms of resources and emotions. Therefore, if your potential gay partner had invested 5 years into an affair, it means they were pretty tight. So if you meet such a person just months after the breakup, and he wishes to start another relationship with you, be careful. Five years is a long-term investment. Chances are high that he may still mend ways with his ex and rekindle their affair. Besides if he is really through with the previous dude, then he needs more time to get over it and be himself again.

But how would you know that he had been in a relationship before? If he doesn’t open up to make the confession here are sure clues to watch out;

• He accidentally calls you by another name often during the discussion. That could probably be the name of his ex still fresh in his mind. It means he hasn’t gotten over him.
• He compares you to his ex and centers the conversation about him, making praises about his previous gay dating partner
• He behaves as if you have been dating for years
If you see such signs in him, the guy hasn’t come over the previous relationship. Leave him alone.

2. Reluctant to Offset the Bill

Perhaps you met your gay date from a gay dating website. After realizing you have a common interest he asks you out for a date. You agree to the demands and perhaps meet for a cup of coffee. Then comes the dreaded moment of settling the bill; actually who should handle it?

If your potential dating partner called for the date, then the expectation is that he should cater for the expenses. Alternatively, if you want to paint the right picture of your self, you can propose to split the bill between the two of you. Beware of a guy who is always reluctant to take the tab. If he never seems to reach out for his wallet, it’s a sure bad sign.

3. Empties Wine, Glass after Glass

Taking a glass of wine isn’t bad and can be assumed as normal. But if you meet your impending date and he gulps wine, glass after glass, restrain from forging a relationship with such a guy. A man who drinks heavily and too fast could be hiding something wrong in his life. For example he could be addicted and thus can’t be himself without guzzling such an amount of strong drink. Be sure he’ll continue to do likewise all the time you will be in the gay dating relationship.

But if he shows up on the first date drunk already, don’t wait for another red flag. Don’t even bother seeing him through the date. Walk away while it is still safe.

4. Flirts with Other Guys on your Date

You are on a first date with him. Your expectation is to utilize this first meeting in getting to know each other better. Instead, you notice he is checking out other guys. Furthermore, he even flirts with them in your presence on the first meeting. Besides he is engrossed chatting on his social media account or dating app.

The secret message he is sending you is that you are not his match. Such a guy will even point out to another dude and comment on how hot he is. It means you are not his match!

5. Can’t Take Care of his Living Space

A guy who is ready for a relationship should show maturity. Such a person should be responsible and know how to take care of himself. For instance, if whenever you drop by his house, you always find it’s in a mess;
• His room doesn’t seem to have been cleaned for the last one week
• His bed is ever unmade
• He is thirty years old or almost but acts like a teenager

Then that describes a guy who isn’t mature and responsible to sustain any relationship.

6. He is Rude to Everyone Around him

Good communication is the lifeline of any relationships including gay affiars. So if your potential date acts rudely towards the people around him, it’s a red flag. For example;
• He calls them names or hurls abuses at them
• Never uses polite words like thank you, welcome or please when addressing them
• His tempers flare up very quickly

Believe me, when you have gone down the road with the relationship, he’ll behave likewise towards you; it’s who he his true colors. You better call it quit before you invest in the relationship. Hunt for a respectful and mature fellow from gay dating website.

It’s easy to fall for the wrong gay date that isn’t focused. At the onset, there are usually warning signs. But often we are too preoccupied or blinded to read between the lines. Don’t enter into the wrong gay dating affair.