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Many young men fantasize about meeting and eventually dating prosperous men. Realizing such a dream isn’t easy but possible. So if you have been lucky to find, and thus is looking forward to a thrilling millionaire dating relationship, you must know how to build a rapport with your man from the first date. Having chosen your best hairstyle, worn your sexy dress plus a matching pair of shoes, your next worry should be how you will steer an interesting conversation.

The last thing you need is to talk about an issue that pisses off your millionaire date. To see your relationship going beyond the first date, here are the topics to keep off in your conversation;

1. Mentioning your exes
The last thing rich men dating young women want to hear is your list of exes. For sure you might have been seeing someone before him, but keep that to yourself. Who would wish to know he is the 10th man to date you? Keep off from bragging about your previous date. The first meeting should focus on creating the best impression and getting to know each other better.

The issue is millionaires and men, in general, wouldn’t wish to be compared to others. So stop saying you remind of….or you look like…. By agreeing to this first date, you are implying he is the only one that matters in your life then. Okay?

2. His money
Or his resources in general; your rich man has agreed to go on a date with you because he has his interests on you. Consequently act like you are interested in him too, not his resources. Do you want him to view you as a gold digger? Because asking questions that relate to how much he earns, owns or intends to take over from the family business will classify you as a gold digger. As soon as he realizes that you only care about his money, you won’t survive to see the second date

3. Your sex life
Majoring in your sexual quests is a big no. In fact, it’s worse than talking about your previous partners. Talking about how you once had a threesome or great sex in secret in the middle of a concert will be a sure turn off for him. You might think you are showing off your sexual prowess or kinkiness with such stories when you are indeed painting a different picture.

On the same note don’t broach about what turns you on. Such deep secrets are better explored after building a close bond and your millionaire dating bond has established roots.

4. Forget about diving deep into religion
The next divisive topic is religion. Plunging deep and opening on your profound religious affiliations might surely scare your potential date. On the other hand, talking about one religion in a manner as to insinuate that it’s inferior is divisive on a first meeting. If there need be, simply state your religion and leave it as at that.

5. Kids or marriage
It will be premature to talk about your future together. The first date is like a prequalification assessment. So don’t presume there will be the second date to the extent of proposing a venue for the next meeting. Neither should you talk about kids.

But if he opens up on the issue of kids or marriage be the listening partner. If he shoots a question to you on the same subject answer honestly.

6. Yoking him with your health issues or problems
Even wealthy men and rich women dating men have their fair dose of health complications. It isn’t wise to open up on your health problems right from the first meeting. Such issues could scare off a potential partner. The best moment to share out such secrets is when your relationship is going steady.

7. Bragging about how gorgeous you are
In order to pull through with your first date and have rich men dating you, don’t be obsessed with yourself. Yes, you could be proud of your best asset; whether it’s your curved figure, beautifully shaped tits or baby face, remain silent. Let your potential date be the one to compliment you. Don’t start listing the compliments you have so far garnered about your body.

8. Giving rude answers or dirty talks
Most millionaires are self-respecting gentlemen who value their dignity in the society. As such, they practice the polite language. To win such a partner you have to practice his language. Stay away from making rude comments or dirty talks. You’ve got to earn his respect. How would he show you off to his business associates if you have taken to that dirty language?

So there you have the topics to keep off while on your first date with your rich man. Keep off any controversial topic. Remember all through the first date he will be interviewing you secretly if you are a good match. If he calls you back after the first meeting to say goodnight it’s a good indicator. If he texts you sweet messages in a few days that follow and sets the second date, girl you have won his heart, welcome to the world of millionaire dating.