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Millionaires Club 123 Review

millionaires club review
  • Ease of use 80% 80%
  • Features 80% 80%
  • Safety 90% 90%
  • Quality of members 95% 95%
  • Value for money 80% 80%


Are you a millionaire and you are willing to go to any length to find yourself a partner or a date online on a platform that is not too rowdy, yet safe, MillionairesClub123 does just that, and it is proclaimed to have its success rate in millionaire matchmaking at 99%. It was founded in January, in the year 2000 by Patti Stanger. It is known to be the world’s most expensive millionaires dating club. It does not have a very huge database like some millionaire dating sites as you will have to go through a stringent scrutiny for credibility before you are approved to join the millionaire club. It is really an exclusive dating site for millionaires. Details of these and more as we check some of its features and procedures in this millionairesclub123 review.




User base                     Millionaire singles

Popularity (members)  100,000+

Gender                         Male: minority Female: majority




Joining the site is not difficult if you meet all the requirements, just a few clicks and you are on. You will be matched based on your request and you won’t have to go through the stress of searching alone and on your own. However, If you are married, the millionaire club will not allow you into its database, and if you are not legally divorced yet but separated, you may not register to use.





  • Unlike most dating sites, you only subscribe once and your membership can be put on hold up to 2 months [2-month freeze].
  • You can choose Patti Stanger herself to personal do the match-making for you.
  • You cannot be traced by scammers here as matches are done by the admin.
  • You can get a chance to meet Patti Stanger or get a call from her to introduce and match you with your partner.



  • It is expensive and there are limited features without a subscription plan.
  • The database cannot be searched except you make requests in a bid to protect members, which limits the chances of you making choices quickly.
  • They admit just 5 males into the club each month.




With its rigorous check on members for credibility, you can be sure members in the millionaire club are genuine. And with an unsearchable database, you are safe and your security is guaranteed. However you are not guaranteed an ultimate compatibility on this millionaire dating club as to individuals you meet here. Miliionaireclub123 has a less stressful subscription terms as you only pay once a year. And you can enjoy lots of features that we can’t add to this Millionaire Club 123 review as well as explore tones of opportunities including meeting Patti Stanger herself.



Basic features

  • You will have access to Patti’s commandments of dating and steps to success.
  • You can enjoy a fully customized package based on what you want. It includes international searches and more.
  • You can enjoy hypnotherapy session, date coaching session, or image session all for an hour each.
  • You can access Basic Mixer experience package but with an additional fee.


Special features

  • You can enjoy relationship counseling sessions that lasts for an hour.
  • You can enjoy unlimited dating [US/Canada] for a year.
  • You can make local/ national/ international adverts on the site.




Subscription                    Package

$45K                            Bronze Package

$ 65K                           Silver Package

$ 85K                           Patti’s Exclusive Gold Package

$ 100K+                       Platinum Package

$35+expenses              Mixer experience

There are Package add-ons too which are not discussed in this millionairesclub123 review that you can include in your subscription. Consult the website for up-to-date and detailed information on the billings.



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