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Many older men are secretly craving for younger women. Most of them are too afraid to approach those fresh and young college girls. If you are one such man, your only hindrance to succeeding in the age gap relationship is your mentality. Are you afraid of making the first move on that youthful girl on account of your age? In your quest for the love, you must take a risk. In fact, there is no love without taking the risk even in the older men dating younger women niche.

First, believe that you can. Tap on your years of experience. Employ these 8 secrets and you will not only attract but retain youthful ladies;

1. Show your interests in her

After identifying your potential date, act to show that you are interested in her. Alternatively, if her moves suggest she is interested in you, respond swiftly and break the silence. Steal the opportunity.

If an opportunity brings you together, center the conversation about her. Don’t talk endlessly about yourself; be the listening and caring partner. Ask the thought-provoking questions. Then Listen to her in the manner that implies you are genuinely interested in her life. Don’t forget to grab her cell phone number.

2. Never chase or see her too often

Younger women crave for what they can’t get easily. Moreover, they develop strong emotional feelings very quickly. To succeed in older men dating younger women relationships, visit her less often. The less you pursue her the more she will pursue you! If you see her too frequently, she will develop a strong attachment like settling down with you

Never make her know when you will next meet. Be unpredictable and heighten her feelings for you.

3. Speak about your feelings responsively and confidently

Younger women dating older men admire the maturity in such men. Consequently, have confidence and stay even-headed when opening up on your feelings. Open up on your feelings responsively. Let her know that you have your emotions invested in the relationship. That’s exactly how she feels about the affair.

4. Take charge of the relationship

Once you have stolen her heart and she has opened up for you, be the dominant male. Give the relationship direction. Younger women are inexperienced and will often rely on you for direction and answers. They will be pleased to let you steer the relationship. Make and suggest to her the rules.

5. In the event of any drama…stay cool

Due to their emotional variations, older men dating younger women must accept the drama around such ladies. In the event that she gets mad about an issue, stay calm and composed. Don’t let her madness spill over to you.

Remember you can’t provide solutions to all of her problems; so don’t act like you can. Just show that you understand and empathize.

6. Unleash your prowess through the fingers and lips

When trust has developed between you two and she opens up her goodies to you, tap on your experience. Once you have taken her to the bedroom, don’t jump straight into the act like younger men do.

Instead, walk her through all the preliminary stages. Let the youthful woman experience your prowess. Let your fingers, tongue and the lips do the talking. Let her feel what she has never felt before. It’s the key to crowning or solidifying your bond with her. She will be thankful and reward you in many ways

But even after the intimacy, don’t quench the fire and the thrills of dating. Take her to interesting places. Find time to sit quietly with her, just talking about your life experiences.

7. Forget about rumors and gossips

The truth is once you have invested in the age gap relationship, men and women will talk. You won’t fail to hear about cheap talks and gossips about your affair. Whether such talks are true or false, don’t take heed to them.

If anything most of those will be formed out of jealousy. Stay on focus on your age gap dating and show appreciation. If anything, that’s the time to prove that your love for her is far stronger than the cheap talks!

8. Don’t meddle in her life

The young lady may have recently gotten free from a demanding father. Consequently, let her free. Don’t try to snoop into her private life or following up who she visits. For instance, it isn’t wise dropping off unexpectedly at her place of work. Instead, make use of every opportunity she comes to be with you. It’s the key to making her come back for more and more.

In younger woman dating older men relationships, the man is expected to take charge of the relationship. Once she shows interests in you, act swiftly. After she has given you her love, don’t try to buy, control or belittle her. Above all see her occasionally but maximize on every ticking second you get hold of her.