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Top 8 Secrets to Attracting and Retaining Younger Women

Top 8 Secrets to Attracting and Retaining Younger Women

Many older men are secretly craving for younger women. Most of them are too afraid to approach those fresh and young college girls. If you are one such man, your only hindrance to succeeding in the age gap relationship is your mentality. Are you afraid of making the first move on that youthful girl on account of your age? In your quest for the love, you must take a risk. In fact, there is no love without taking the risk even in the older men dating younger women niche.

First, believe that you can. Tap on your years of experience. Employ these 8 secrets and you will not only attract but retain youthful ladies;

1. Show your interests in her

After identifying your potential date, act to show that you are interested in her. Alternatively, if her moves suggest she is interested in you, respond swiftly and break the silence. Steal the opportunity.

If an opportunity brings you together, center the conversation about her. Don’t talk endlessly about yourself; be the listening and caring partner. Ask the thought-provoking questions. Then Listen to her in the manner that implies you are genuinely interested in her life. Don’t forget to grab her cell phone number.

2. Never chase or see her too often

Younger women crave for what they can’t get easily. Moreover, they develop strong emotional feelings very quickly. To succeed in older men dating younger women relationships, visit her less often. The less you pursue her the more she will pursue you! If you see her too frequently, she will develop a strong attachment like settling down with you

Never make her know when you will next meet. Be unpredictable and heighten her feelings for you.

3. Speak about your feelings responsively and confidently

Younger women dating older men admire the maturity in such men. Consequently, have confidence and stay even-headed when opening up on your feelings. Open up on your feelings responsively. Let her know that you have your emotions invested in the relationship. That’s exactly how she feels about the affair.

4. Take charge of the relationship

Once you have stolen her heart and she has opened up for you, be the dominant male. Give the relationship direction. Younger women are inexperienced and will often rely on you for direction and answers. They will be pleased to let you steer the relationship. Make and suggest to her the rules.

5. In the event of any drama…stay cool

Due to their emotional variations, older men dating younger women must accept the drama around such ladies. In the event that she gets mad about an issue, stay calm and composed. Don’t let her madness spill over to you.

Remember you can’t provide solutions to all of her problems; so don’t act like you can. Just show that you understand and empathize.

6. Unleash your prowess through the fingers and lips

When trust has developed between you two and she opens up her goodies to you, tap on your experience. Once you have taken her to the bedroom, don’t jump straight into the act like younger men do.

Instead, walk her through all the preliminary stages. Let the youthful woman experience your prowess. Let your fingers, tongue and the lips do the talking. Let her feel what she has never felt before. It’s the key to crowning or solidifying your bond with her. She will be thankful and reward you in many ways

But even after the intimacy, don’t quench the fire and the thrills of dating. Take her to interesting places. Find time to sit quietly with her, just talking about your life experiences.

7. Forget about rumors and gossips

The truth is once you have invested in the age gap relationship, men and women will talk. You won’t fail to hear about cheap talks and gossips about your affair. Whether such talks are true or false, don’t take heed to them.

If anything most of those will be formed out of jealousy. Stay on focus on your age gap dating and show appreciation. If anything, that’s the time to prove that your love for her is far stronger than the cheap talks!

8. Don’t meddle in her life

The young lady may have recently gotten free from a demanding father. Consequently, let her free. Don’t try to snoop into her private life or following up who she visits. For instance, it isn’t wise dropping off unexpectedly at her place of work. Instead, make use of every opportunity she comes to be with you. It’s the key to making her come back for more and more.

In younger woman dating older men relationships, the man is expected to take charge of the relationship. Once she shows interests in you, act swiftly. After she has given you her love, don’t try to buy, control or belittle her. Above all see her occasionally but maximize on every ticking second you get hold of her.

How to Look Sexier as a Plus Size Woman

How to Look Sexier as a Plus Size Woman

Most individuals have been brainwashed to think that slim women are more beautiful than the plus size ladies. The truth is it’s only the creation of the media; most of the pictures used in advertisements employ the slender ladies. One fact that stands out, for you to be regarded as beautiful you’ve got to believe in yourself first. The BBW who craves for admiration and sexy outlooks must first believe that indeed they are they are.

Do you know there are many men who are specifically obsessed with the plus size women? In fact, it’s the craving for the curvy women that has led to the development of the BBW dating sites!

Perhaps as a plus size woman, you are looking forward to a date. You want to present your best look at the date. You want to really smack him with your beautiful, sexy look and bond with him from the initial meeting.
This article is all about the sexy dressing tips for the BBW. Follow these tips, listen to your instincts and leave him begging for the next date;

1. Present your finest assets
First, consider your body structure and identify your finest quality or asset. What defines you as the BBW; is it the round and smooth face, legs, curvy shoulders or your butts? Then choose  a dressing style that brings out your best look. Such a dress code should let you best feature stick out as a BBW dating partner. Let your best asset stick out while wearing the slightly revealing or bare dress. However, choose the outfit that still lets you feel comfortable.

2. Pick on the proper fitting undergarments
You’ve got to wear the fitting panties and bras. By doing so, you will evade the embarrassing lumps and bumps underneath your clothing. Pay a visit to your tailor. Let him tailor your inner clothing to fit your shape.

Do you want to present the smooth thighs or stomach? Then try out different shape-wears before wearing your skirt. Then finally finish off with the cute lacy pair of panties and bra. When you wear the perfectly fitting and attractive undergarments, you can have confidence and be the BBW dating queen!

3. Make a statement with a slit in a skirt or dress

Are you short and heavily built? Then go for the long skirt with a detail slit on one leg. Let him have the sneak view of the hidden curved legs. Moreover, the elongated skirt will flatter your potential date about your height. To further heighten the effect of the slit and the partially revealed legs choose the high heeled shoes.

4. Don’t hide behind baggy clothing

To secure the right partner in the BBW dating relationships, you’ve got to believe that you have nothing to hide except lots of goodies to show off. Usually, overweight ladies like hiding their shapes in sagging clothes. On the contrary, it’s wise to keep off baggy wears for they will only make you bigger. At the same time, clingy clothing will also stress on the unappealing bumps you might have. Get the right fit of clothing preferably those employing wrapping patterns.

5. Wear an alluring skirt; hemline above or at the knee

If you want to draw attention and still the show with your fine legs then choose your skirt wisely. An alternative to the slit effect described above is dressing in a skirt with the hemline above or at the knee. Believe me; it will flatter the gorgeousness of your legs.

In addition, you can go for the skirts which are elongated at the back but shorter at the front. The elongated back will further expose your legs making them more appealing to your BBW date night.

6. Crown it all with the right accessories

The perfect accessories have the effect of adding life to your dressing. If you have put on the dull outfit clash it by wearing the bright beads or belt. Hair bands, scarf, bags, and shoes also portray the same effect of pumping life into the dull and rather boring outfit.

7. Choose the right posture

Having chosen your best outfit and presented your charming look, you’ve got to choose the strategic position and posture while waiting for your date to arrive. Keep your shoulders back, and back straight. Believe in yourself and have confidence. Smile back at the gawking looks; the evidence of your sexy appealing look.

Every woman whether slim or the plus size can have the sexy alluring body. It all depends on developing the right mental image of your self. Having developed the right attitude towards your self, follow the above dressing tips and be the charming BBW dating partner.

For the plus size women who find it difficult to attract and retain partners. Give your self the sexy package and watch how you secure dates easily!

Sugar Daddy Scammers Unmasked

Sugar Daddy Scammers Unmasked

The hunt for sugar daddies has increased now more than ever. Many gorgeous ladies are craving for a comfy lifestyle. One way to realize that dream is to settle for a sugar daddy dating relationship. The benefits of such an affair are uncountable. Which lady wouldn’t wish to have someone spoil her with love, spontaneous gifts, and a fat sugar baby allowance?

Such and much more are what drive young ladies crazy in pursuit of sugar daddies. One of the first places to hunt on is the sugar daddy website. But wait…. future sugar babies…. Do you know there are fake sugar daddies? Their aim is to scam, take advantage and use you.

In your hot pursuit for a caring sugar daddy, always be alert. Above all employ your common sense. Surely you don’t wish to kiss many frogs before finding your Mr. Right, or do you? Here are a few traits to help you unmask such scammers;

1. Sex focused
The foundation stage of a relationship is for building up trust and bonding. Beware of a man that’s sex-centered right from the first meeting. If his conversations always revolve around sex and not getting to know you better, think twice. He is not in for a long-term relationship except casual sex. Once you open up to him, and he scores, you won’t see him again. Unless that’s what you wanted, keep off from him!

2. Pressurizes for a one on one meeting immediately
The first step in building a sugar daddy dating relationship is identifying your potential partners. Next is taking time to know each other better. For example, it is wise to take your time and dig deeper into the potential sugar daddies’ profiles or history before a physical meeting. So you should be extra cautious with a man who is pushing you to meet him in person the very first time you exchange conversations. He could be having a sinister motive!

3. Asks for nude pictures from the start
To ask for provocative pictures from someone you haven’t even met is uncouth. It means such a person is only interested in your body! A real daddy would take time to build a relationship first. Once the two of you have bonded and he has proven to be your kind, he can place such requests. But even so, a real man would never pressurize a chic lady into an act she is not comfortable with.

4. Gives unrealistic compensation
In any sugar daddy dating agreement, a mutual agreement is spelled out defining each party’s role. For example the allowance amount, a lady’s’ upkeep and what in return the lady has to give.

Consequently, beware of a man who agrees to unexpected allowances and demands without negotiations. If you haven’t met him but he sends you hefty monthly packages and free gifts think again. All those expenses, in exchange for just chats and phone calls, don’t you realize it’s fishy? He may be luring you into a trap. Why would he spend heavily on you before meeting you?

5. Very stingy
Genuine sugar daddies won’t hesitate to spend their money on you once the affair is confirmed. If you are his true sugar baby and finds you appealing, he’ll spend generously on you.

On the contrary, scammers would pretend as sugar daddies but evade spending on their babies. In addition such scammers are likely to go for paying you on every visit rather than sticking to a regular payment method. If he can’t commit to a regular monthly allowance he is either a scammer or too mean.

6. Often brags about his money or business
Real daddies are secretive about their businesses or how much they earn. In fact, most will never give you an account of their self-worth. So if you meet the man who is more than willing to;
• Count the types of luxurious cars he owns
• Open up on his 6 figure salary
• Describe his luxurious house
He’s probably doing so for an ill motive. On the same note stay away from men who find joy in ordering or addressing you rudely.

7. Wants to rush into a full-fledged relationship
Most rich men did not rise to their status swiftly or as a result rush decisions. As a result, genuine sugar daddies would take their time to dig deep into who you are before settling for a sugar daddy dating. Beware of a guy whose actions suggest he’s in a hurry for a full-fledged affair. Probably he has his own interest to serve.

The above tips are only but guidelines to help you make up your mind and gauge your potential sugars daddy date. Although there are genuine daddies from sugar daddy dating websites, con men impersonating sugar daddies are also present. Employ your instincts and weed out the fake ones from the genuine ones. Above all never disclose your credit card information to a stranger. Stay safe.

Keep Off  These Guys To Avoid Heartbreaks

Keep Off These Guys To Avoid Heartbreaks

Everyone would wish for an emotionally secure relationship. Gay dating relationships are no exceptions. You need to feel treasured, loved and respected; especially at the onset of the relationship. However, you shouldn’t be overwhelmed by your moods such that you fail to notice the warning signs of a troubled relationship.

So what exactly about your gay partner indicates trouble ahead? The truth is the setting of each relationship differs and you can’t predict exactly the future. Nevertheless, there are sure signs to watch in your gay date. When you see most of these painted at the beginning of your gay dating relationship, be sure you have landed the wrong dude!

1. He’s Only Months Out of a 5-year Relationship

Relationships require a lot of investments both in terms of resources and emotions. Therefore, if your potential gay partner had invested 5 years into an affair, it means they were pretty tight. So if you meet such a person just months after the breakup, and he wishes to start another relationship with you, be careful. Five years is a long-term investment. Chances are high that he may still mend ways with his ex and rekindle their affair. Besides if he is really through with the previous dude, then he needs more time to get over it and be himself again.

But how would you know that he had been in a relationship before? If he doesn’t open up to make the confession here are sure clues to watch out;

• He accidentally calls you by another name often during the discussion. That could probably be the name of his ex still fresh in his mind. It means he hasn’t gotten over him.
• He compares you to his ex and centers the conversation about him, making praises about his previous gay dating partner
• He behaves as if you have been dating for years
If you see such signs in him, the guy hasn’t come over the previous relationship. Leave him alone.

2. Reluctant to Offset the Bill

Perhaps you met your gay date from a gay dating website. After realizing you have a common interest he asks you out for a date. You agree to the demands and perhaps meet for a cup of coffee. Then comes the dreaded moment of settling the bill; actually who should handle it?

If your potential dating partner called for the date, then the expectation is that he should cater for the expenses. Alternatively, if you want to paint the right picture of your self, you can propose to split the bill between the two of you. Beware of a guy who is always reluctant to take the tab. If he never seems to reach out for his wallet, it’s a sure bad sign.

3. Empties Wine, Glass after Glass

Taking a glass of wine isn’t bad and can be assumed as normal. But if you meet your impending date and he gulps wine, glass after glass, restrain from forging a relationship with such a guy. A man who drinks heavily and too fast could be hiding something wrong in his life. For example he could be addicted and thus can’t be himself without guzzling such an amount of strong drink. Be sure he’ll continue to do likewise all the time you will be in the gay dating relationship.

But if he shows up on the first date drunk already, don’t wait for another red flag. Don’t even bother seeing him through the date. Walk away while it is still safe.

4. Flirts with Other Guys on your Date

You are on a first date with him. Your expectation is to utilize this first meeting in getting to know each other better. Instead, you notice he is checking out other guys. Furthermore, he even flirts with them in your presence on the first meeting. Besides he is engrossed chatting on his social media account or dating app.

The secret message he is sending you is that you are not his match. Such a guy will even point out to another dude and comment on how hot he is. It means you are not his match!

5. Can’t Take Care of his Living Space

A guy who is ready for a relationship should show maturity. Such a person should be responsible and know how to take care of himself. For instance, if whenever you drop by his house, you always find it’s in a mess;
• His room doesn’t seem to have been cleaned for the last one week
• His bed is ever unmade
• He is thirty years old or almost but acts like a teenager

Then that describes a guy who isn’t mature and responsible to sustain any relationship.

6. He is Rude to Everyone Around him

Good communication is the lifeline of any relationships including gay affiars. So if your potential date acts rudely towards the people around him, it’s a red flag. For example;
• He calls them names or hurls abuses at them
• Never uses polite words like thank you, welcome or please when addressing them
• His tempers flare up very quickly

Believe me, when you have gone down the road with the relationship, he’ll behave likewise towards you; it’s who he his true colors. You better call it quit before you invest in the relationship. Hunt for a respectful and mature fellow from gay dating website.

It’s easy to fall for the wrong gay date that isn’t focused. At the onset, there are usually warning signs. But often we are too preoccupied or blinded to read between the lines. Don’t enter into the wrong gay dating affair.

Keep Off These Topics When Having your First Date with a Millionaire

Keep Off These Topics When Having your First Date with a Millionaire

Many young men fantasize about meeting and eventually dating prosperous men. Realizing such a dream isn’t easy but possible. So if you have been lucky to find, and thus is looking forward to a thrilling millionaire dating relationship, you must know how to build a rapport with your man from the first date. Having chosen your best hairstyle, worn your sexy dress plus a matching pair of shoes, your next worry should be how you will steer an interesting conversation.

The last thing you need is to talk about an issue that pisses off your millionaire date. To see your relationship going beyond the first date, here are the topics to keep off in your conversation;

1. Mentioning your exes
The last thing rich men dating young women want to hear is your list of exes. For sure you might have been seeing someone before him, but keep that to yourself. Who would wish to know he is the 10th man to date you? Keep off from bragging about your previous date. The first meeting should focus on creating the best impression and getting to know each other better.

The issue is millionaires and men, in general, wouldn’t wish to be compared to others. So stop saying you remind of….or you look like…. By agreeing to this first date, you are implying he is the only one that matters in your life then. Okay?

2. His money
Or his resources in general; your rich man has agreed to go on a date with you because he has his interests on you. Consequently act like you are interested in him too, not his resources. Do you want him to view you as a gold digger? Because asking questions that relate to how much he earns, owns or intends to take over from the family business will classify you as a gold digger. As soon as he realizes that you only care about his money, you won’t survive to see the second date

3. Your sex life
Majoring in your sexual quests is a big no. In fact, it’s worse than talking about your previous partners. Talking about how you once had a threesome or great sex in secret in the middle of a concert will be a sure turn off for him. You might think you are showing off your sexual prowess or kinkiness with such stories when you are indeed painting a different picture.

On the same note don’t broach about what turns you on. Such deep secrets are better explored after building a close bond and your millionaire dating bond has established roots.

4. Forget about diving deep into religion
The next divisive topic is religion. Plunging deep and opening on your profound religious affiliations might surely scare your potential date. On the other hand, talking about one religion in a manner as to insinuate that it’s inferior is divisive on a first meeting. If there need be, simply state your religion and leave it as at that.

5. Kids or marriage
It will be premature to talk about your future together. The first date is like a prequalification assessment. So don’t presume there will be the second date to the extent of proposing a venue for the next meeting. Neither should you talk about kids.

But if he opens up on the issue of kids or marriage be the listening partner. If he shoots a question to you on the same subject answer honestly.

6. Yoking him with your health issues or problems
Even wealthy men and rich women dating men have their fair dose of health complications. It isn’t wise to open up on your health problems right from the first meeting. Such issues could scare off a potential partner. The best moment to share out such secrets is when your relationship is going steady.

7. Bragging about how gorgeous you are
In order to pull through with your first date and have rich men dating you, don’t be obsessed with yourself. Yes, you could be proud of your best asset; whether it’s your curved figure, beautifully shaped tits or baby face, remain silent. Let your potential date be the one to compliment you. Don’t start listing the compliments you have so far garnered about your body.

8. Giving rude answers or dirty talks
Most millionaires are self-respecting gentlemen who value their dignity in the society. As such, they practice the polite language. To win such a partner you have to practice his language. Stay away from making rude comments or dirty talks. You’ve got to earn his respect. How would he show you off to his business associates if you have taken to that dirty language?

So there you have the topics to keep off while on your first date with your rich man. Keep off any controversial topic. Remember all through the first date he will be interviewing you secretly if you are a good match. If he calls you back after the first meeting to say goodnight it’s a good indicator. If he texts you sweet messages in a few days that follow and sets the second date, girl you have won his heart, welcome to the world of millionaire dating.

7 Reasons to Join Herpes Dating Website

7 Reasons to Join Herpes Dating Website

Every person regardless of his or her health status deserves love and affection. In fact, we thrive best in our careers when shown love. A person who is in love and treasured develops optimism in life. One of the sure places to find love is in relationships. However, those suffering from herpes are usually discriminated and neglected. Under such conditions, the victims give up and find no joy in life.

If you suffer from genital herpes you understand the loneliness and the seclusion that comes with the disease. But you too deserve happiness. If you are single and herpes positive finding love in the ordinary setting is a big challenge. It requires you to discuss your herpes status every now and then. And that is embarrassing. On the other side, joining herpes dating sites is one sure way to rekindle your love life. It will give you hope in life and the reason to press one.

Here are more reasons to join herpes dating websites:

1. Be lonely no more
Usually, STD’s victims find it very difficult to secure dating partners. Some of those affected lack the courage to approach the opposite sex for friendship. The few who gather the courage are soon turned down when their status comes to the surface. The only option left is to find someone who shares your fate. Joining herpes dating sites gives you an easy opportunity to secure a dating partner. You get to meet herpes singles who are also looking for partners.

2. Save yourself the embarrassment
In the ordinary setting finding a companion of your taste is no easy job. When you bring in your herpes status the hunt becomes even harder. When you find someone with the potential of becoming your soul mate, there is still the dreaded talk. That is the embarrassment of opening up about your STD. It could go further in explaining what herpes is and convincing him to enter into a relationship despite your status. By joining a group of herpes singles or victims, the embarrassment is no more since you share the same fate

3. Regain confidence in life
By teaming up with other herpes singles, you meet people who understand your present condition. Besides, you will rekindle your love life. Finding someone that accepts you in that status will definitely add you confidence. You get a reason to wake up every day.

4. Increase your network of friends
When you are an STD victim, others will shy away from associating with you. Meaning, your circle of friends narrows significantly. Socializing freely soon becomes a challenge. But when you join online herpes dating, you get to meet new faces and thus expand your social network. Who wouldn’t wish to have many genuine friends?

5. You learn practical tips to live with the STD
With so many of your friends living with the disease, your wealth on knowledge on how to cope up with your condition increases too. For instance, you will learn how to deal with the herpes symptoms in women and the right condoms to use. You can then open up on your secrets, which you could never do before. At the same time when you ask a question, you receive practical pieces of advice.

Moroever opening up honestly about your private life becomes easier. Talking about your personal life through texts or email is easier than in an actual meeting. Through the real stories that you share on the site, you role model other young herpes victims.

6. Gauging compatibility becomes easier
By becoming a member of the herpes dating websites, you meet many individuals to choose. After making a list of your possible friends you can further narrow down the list by chatting and conversing with these individuals for a while. In the end, you only get to meet face to face after confirming your compatibility. The compatibility is in terms of shared interests, who you seek to meet and the purpose of the meeting.

7. You won’t be judged based on your STD condition
In the ordinary setting when a herpes victim seeks friendship from other he risks being judged owing to his condition. Once he or she learns about your STD condition he won’t give you time to explain yourself. He will judge you based on your STD status.

In conclusion, don’t give up on relationships just because of your herpes condition. Sign in to herpes dating sites and meet many herpes singles. Moreover, it will give you the comfort that you are not alone. Take your time and find your soul mate from these members. You won’t believe how much you were missing previously. You will regain your confidence back. Besides, you can offer and receive practical tips on how to manage your condition. No one will judge you based on your herpes status.

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