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In your hunt for the right dating partner, you might bump on a bisexual woman. But the fact that she fins pleasure in dating both men and woman shouldn’t scare you that much. In fact, if you find her appealing to you, go ahead to woo her. If she accepts you, keep the following in mind to make your bisexual dating a success:

1. Don’t feel insecure

Okay, it’s true that your bisexual date find s both men and women attractive. But should that make you feel insecure in such a relationship? Since she has let you into her love life, it means the lady adores you. She had a reason for letting others go and choosing only you. Focus more on solidifying your bond with her other than feeling insecure. Let your date feel comfortable and loved, push worries out of your mind.

2. Don’t be over-curious about her other side

Having won her heart, it’s better to focus much on what makes both of you happy. Don’t be over-curious to know about her experiences with women. Refrain from asking questions like who she finds most attractive, how it feels like to bed woman or what their lady friends like most about her. Don’t even think about gossiping with your friends about your bisexual date.

3. Accommodate her talks

Since she is bisexual it’s quite normal for her to make appraisal at beautiful ladies. In addition, while going through magazines her talks can stray to paint her bisexual feelings. So long as she doesn’t overstretch the conversation, accommodate such comments. Furthermore, don’t you also feel tempted to make a pass at elegant ladies? Instead of feeling jealous accept that such conversations will always appear in your conversations

4. Never equate her bisexuality to being promiscuous

Being bisexual is a sexual orientation just like being straight. However, it doesn’t obviously imply that she will open up to any figure that crosses her path. Being too loose or unfaithful has nothing to do with one’s sexuality. Thus have respect for your bisexual woman.

Never the less if your woman uses her sexual orientation as a ticket to cheating on you, you have a reason to dump her. Even cheating on you with other girls is still an offense.

5. Not a ticket for pushing her into a threesome!

For a man in a bisexual dating relationship, your mind might think of a threesome experience. However thrilling and tempting it could be it isn’t guaranteed that your female friend will enjoy it. The nest action is to keep the thought to your self. But if she brings up the topic in any discussion, you are free to seek her opinion. However, it is safer to wait until you are very intimate to talk about such sensitive issues.

6. Take it easy with issues touching her bisexuality

In any relationship, misunderstanding, and disagreements crop up. Similarly, when dating a bisexual woman, problems can show up. However never stem all the problems in your relationship to her bisexuality. Instead, show her that you are comfortable with her bisexual status. Forge into every discussion with an open mind.

7. Don’t compete with other women

A bisexual finds pleasure in bedding both males and females. However, the satisfaction she gets from a fellow woman is completely different from what a man offers her. Remember a woman understand better how the female anatomy operates. Consequently, she is better placed. As a result, never brag to your bisexual date how you can satisfy her better than a woman. The fact is you can’t replace her. You woman chose you for your malefactor.

8. She isn’t indecisive about which sex to befriend

To reap success when dating a bisexual, accept the fact that your partner is bi. That means she finds both sexes equally interesting to date. She would really be pissed off if you make a joke about her that she is indecisive. Don’t be deluded to think that maybe she is going through a phase in her life. She knows exactly who she wants to date. That joke alone can lead to the break down of your relationship. She too deserves respect about her choice. Just like any other woman she craves for love and respect from you.

9. Do not criticize her for watching lesbian porn videos

Many men find pleasure in watching sex-themed videos. Likewise, your bi woman derives some pleasure from porn videos. You shouldn’t, therefore, criticize her for that. Instead, you can strike a balance and agree on the type of porn to watch together as a couple.

The sooner you accept your woman is bisexual the stable your relationship will be. Get comfortable with her sexual orientation. Focus more on pleasing her like a man rather than feeling insecure. But first, choose a compatible pattern from the bisexual dating websites.

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